Document automation software to cut 90% of drafting time.

Turn your templates into workflows that populate client data into your forms. Easy to create. Easy to automate. Easy to generate.

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Automate your expertise.
Add logic, build complex workflows, and generate document sets.

Step 1: Build your interview

Create questions to gather relevant data. Add complex branching logic to determine when to show or hide questions or pages.

Step 2: Upload documents

Upload your frequently used Word or PDF documents and forms, and tag them to your interview questions.

Step 3: Run the interview!

Run the workflow to assemble documents or send emails. Share it with clients or colleagues, embed it on your site, and measure analytics.


Reduction in hours spent to generate documents.


Accuracy for completed documents across your organization.


Client independence gained through your online workflows.


Increased retention from streamlined intake and engagement letters.


Increase in volume from new online business and market opportunities.

Streamline internal workflow.
Build client-facing apps.

Complex document automation. Court form sets. Intake. Self-help tools.
Sell online legal solutions to monetize your practice. You can even embed them directly on your website.

Build anything.
Transform your practice.

To get a better idea of what you can build, try some of Documate’s online workflows.

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